Work experience

Louise is a native English speaker from the UK and studied Politics at the University of Glasgow where she specialised in conflict in the Middle East. Whilst travelling the region Louise was inspired by the initiatives and creative approaches to peace from families and young people, she decided that working with children encouraging the next generation was where she wanted to focus her career. 

She has worked in three schools across London in various roles from delivering interventions for children new to English, to leading whole class lessons and most recently, designing and delivering a personalised programme for children and families most at risk of falling behind in academics and emotional wellbeing. Louise has worked with a diverse range of children and families and believes in holistic, family centred and child led education which focuses on the child’s strengths and interests. In her previous role, Louise specialised in child wellbeing and strategies for reading, with a keen interest in: trauma informed practice, children’s attachment and speech and language interventions. 

Louise draws on her knowledge and experience of children’s emotional wellbeing, and self esteem to create an environment in her classroom where every child can succeed. She incorporates engaging visual aids, open dialogue, games, students interests and personalised resources into her lessons. Throughout the pandemic, Louise has become even more focused on personalised education and the importance of fun in learning so that children approach their work ready to learn. 

Always remember you matter, you’re important and you bring into this world things no one else can.



  • Ma (socsci) Politics
  • Olive Tree Initiative 


Travel, exploring nature, watercolour painting, language learning, mindfulnes

Louise Simmons