We are a family-focused Czech-English primary school

Compass is a Czech-English primary school. Like a compass, we show students the WAY to knowledge.

In an attractive, stimulating and inspiring manner we navigate our students through the broad ocean of education, introducing them to different subject areas, helping them acquire new skills and showing how they may be applied in real-life situations.

We arouse the students’ natural curiosity and motivate them to discover the unknown, to understand the incomprehensible. We want the first years of their lives at school to be joyful, creative, steeped in experience and success.


19. 4. 2021

Osová souměrnost trochu jinak

Při opakování osové souměrnost si páťáci vyzkoušeli, jak se zobrazí jejich psacím písmem napsané křestní jméno. Podívejte se, jaká …

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12. 2. 2021

International Week

Druhý únorový týden žáci ZŠ Compass v rámci projektového týdne procestovali téměř celý svět!

Prvňáci a druháci, …

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5. 2. 2021

Out and About

The year 2 class completed yet another English thematic unit Out and about. To celebrate the end of this …

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