Our Vision and Values

We arouse the students’ natural curiosity and their thirst for knowledge. We want their first school years to be joyful, creative, full of different experiences and success, so that they have happy memories of school and a positive attitude to future learning.

What we teach students

  • Free expression
  • Listening to others
  • Living with a clean conscience
  • Critical thinking
  • Self-confidence
  • Valuing and understanding our differences
  • Being kind to everyone
  • Asking for help and helping others
  • Caring for the world around us
  • Creativity and the courage to be different
ZŠ Compass - Historie 3

About Compass

The school was established by three enthusiasts – Eliška Adámková, Ondřej Bloudek and Elena Bloudek. Each of them brings a different spectrum of experience and expertise, but all have the same determination, enthusiasm and commitment.

The school opened in September 2014 and is now at full capacity. The name of the school draws an analogy with a real compass during a voyage because, like a compass, we show students the WAY to knowledge.

In an attractive, stimulating and inspiring way we navigate our students through the broad ocean of education, introducing them to different subjects, helping them to acquire new skills and showing them how they may be applied in real-life situations.

About us

Classes 1 – 5
and friendliness
Czech-English programme
maximum 16 children per class