Fees include

  • All tuition in Czech and English.
  • School materials including compulsory text books (in paper and electronic form).
  • Day trips forming part of the school curriculum.
  • Three-day induction at the start of Class 1.
  • Class trip at the end of the school year.
  • After-school club.
  • Some afternoon clubs led by Compass teachers.
  • Travel to PE venues.

Fees do not include

  • Recommended reading and some supplementary textbooks.
  • Compulsory residential trips (e.g. skiing week, spring or summer school in the countryside, swimming week). The cost of these trips depends on location and accommodation, to be confirmed.
  • After-school activities, especially those taught by external teachers (e.g. recorder, Lego)
  • The services of a career advisor (a specialist who advises individual parents on the choice of a senior school).
  • Other professional services, including psychologist, speech therapist and individual student assistant where necessary.
  • School uniform.
  • Meals.

Fees at Compass

Single annual payment
205 200 CZK.
Payment for one semester
108 000 CZK.
School meals
130 CZK per day.