Our priority at Compass is to motivate students towards their future studies, provide effective feedback, scaffold their learning, celebrate their progress and respect natural differences in learning styles.

We mostly assess work by providing written feedback on progress. We also test students on material covered. The outcome of tests and written work is expressed as a percentage.

Approach to learning

At Compass we promote positive attitudes to learning and so their grades include effort marks. These are awarded for active participation in group activities, completion of homework, neat exercise books and being prepared for lessons.  These ‘soft skills’ affect the overall outcome in end-of-year reports according to the following weighting:  40% in Class 1; 30% in Class 1; 20% in Class 3; 15% in Class 4 and 10% in Class 5.


Students learn how to assess the level of their skills and knowledge, how well they learn from mistakes and whether they are afraid of getting things wrong. They assess the degree to which they have fulfilled their potential and know their strengths and weaknesses. They analyse their attitudes to study, effort and behaviour and, ultimately, they learn to take personal responsibility for their progress.

Assessment at Compass

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