Compass is a Czech-English school: in addition to Czech, English is a secondary language of instruction. We want students to come into contact with English from an early age so that they neither fear nor think of English as something unusual.

English teaching at Compass

English language lessons in all classes

  • Class 1 – 4 hours per week
  • Class 2 – 4 hours per week
  • Class 3 – 5 hours per week
  • Class 4 – 4 hours per week
  • Class 5 – 4 hours per week

English in other subjects

  • PE – 2 hours per week for all classes
  • Maths – 1 hour per week in all classes
  • IT – 1 hour per week in Class 5

English as the instructional language in Music, Art and DT every other week when these lessons are taught by the native-speaking English teachers. The lessons are designed to extend English vocabulary in the contexts of art and culture through creative activities and music.

English during project days and weeks: native-speakers help to plan and teach the projects.

English during after-school activities and clubs, many of which are in English.

Cambridge exams

Every year students in Classes 3 – 5 take external Cambridge examinations for young learners including Starters, Movers, Flyers and PET (B1 Preliminary for Schools).

Cambridge exams constitute an objective standard of linguistic expertise recognised all over the world.