Lee is a native speaker from Wales in the UK and moved to Prague four years ago where he worked as a chef in various high-end restaurants before deciding follow his dream of becoming a teacher.

Work experience

He started working in a bilingual kindergarten as an English teacher, and used songs, stories and physical activities to introduce children to the language and help them navigate the world through it. With keen interests in science and the humanities it wasn’t long before he was put in charge of the school’s polytechnic program where he used experiments and a hands-on approach to teach the children about the world and our place in it.

Lee also teaches English online to high-school students in Pilsen.
Lee is currently studying for his CELTA qualification and can’t wait to bring his new skills and knowledge into the classroom. In his spare time he enjoys running, reading and acting.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.



  • A-Levels in Psychology
  • Theology
  • Archaeology and Performance Arts
  • Grade 6 Speech and Drama with distinction


running, cooking (and eating) and reading