Goldie grew up in Canada and always had a love for teaching.  Even as a little girl, Goldie could be found in her room with her plushies and dolls teaching them whatever lesson Goldie had just learned.  She often did the same to her friends, who were none too pleased but it always ended up in a good laugh.  She graduated with a BA in Psychology, concentrating on developmental and child psychology.  She then went on to take her Bachelor of Education specializing in Primary/Junior.  Later in life Goldie also began her MA in TESOL, which is still in progress.

Work experience

Goldie has taught English as a Second Language to students in Canada, Greece and the Czech Republic at different language, private and public schools.  She was also a class teacher in Canada, Poland and at various international schools in Prague.

Goldie is a caring teacher who takes each individual student’s welfare, pace of learning into consideration and uses various techniques to teach the students in her care.  This approach helps her to teach children in a friendly atmosphere where art, games and songs are incorporated into her lessons and children thrive in a positive atmosphere.  Students are encouraged to work at their own pace and learn through their mistakes.  Goldie will often bring various resources into her lesson and have children use these resources in interactive play, speaking activities or cooperative, project-based learning. 

This will be Goldie’s first year as a teacher in Compass ZS School, and she is very excited to work with her new colleagues and the students inside and during playtime, outside.

Teaching is not a job, it’s a lifestyle.  It permeates your whole life..

Jill Biden


  • BA Psychology with focus on Developmental and Child Psychology
  • B.Ed.  Education in Primary/Junior
  • MA TESOL ongoing


Occasional cooking and baking, discovering various bike paths in southern Bohemia, reading, gardening and travelling

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