John Luke Foster

Teacher of After-school English Centre

Motto :

'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” 


John, a native speaker from the UK graduated with a BA in Politics and Philosophy from Liverpool University. After visiting Prague in April of 2016 he decided to stay and complete his CELTA course. John has taught children of various ages and abilities during his time working in English Summer Camps in the Czech Republic. He enjoys being around chuildren and has a natural raport with them.

Before embarking on his English teaching career John worked with adults with learning difficulties and coached children’s fitness back in the UK.

In Compass he runs the English Afterschool Centre, allowing students to effectively practise their English in a variety of different scenarios, in a more relaxed setting to traditional English classes.

John believes that the fundamental steps to learning another language are motivation and practice. The after school centre gives students extended practice time and the motivation comes from John's natural talent to capture the kids attention and draw them into various apealing activities.


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